From our Clients

“I heard that the recruiting manager in our corporate office, enjoyed speaking with you; she thought that you are really good!   I agree; compared with other ‘recruiters’ we deal with, you really do listen.

It seems that you enjoy what you do, and that is why you’re good at it. I’m glad you’re there!”

MM, WindRiver Systems, Inc.


“Regarding [the candidate], we are completely delighted with him. He has proven to be all that you suggested he might be, and then some. I could not be happier with a new hire.”

DE, a Silicon Valley Software Company


“Thank you for following up on items we discussed. I was excited after meeting with you as I feel your service offering is closer to what I am looking for in comparison to other firms that I have spoke to.”

GG, GoldenGate Software, Inc.


From our Candidates

“Dear Mr. Molisani,

I wanted to thank you again for the two seminars that you gave and for your direct help on my resume. Because of you, I just received an offer for a permanent job that I think I am going to love.

Your advice about creating a table showing job requirements vs. my skills was invaluable, as was your advice to keep current on tools. The job I wanted required Madcap Flare experience, which I did not have. Thanks to your tip about getting trial copies, I downloaded a trial version and used it to create a website, which started with the requirements/skills table and contained links to additional information about each of my skills. I received an invitation to interview the same day. I would never have thought of obtaining a trial copy without your seminar, and my skills descriptions would not have been as good without your direct help.

As a side note, I sent your presentation to a colleague who was also laid off when I was. He used the tip about checking LinkedIn for mutual contacts. Using that site, he learned he had a second-degree contact at a hiring company, and asked his friend to forward his resume directly. It worked, and he now has a job, too. He called to thank me for sending your presentation because that gave him the idea of using LinkedIn.

I just wanted to let you know what a difference you made and how grateful I am.